Our Qualifications

Experience, experience, experience!

  • Team managed by broker with 15+ years in broker file review, oversight, and approval
  • Extensive experience with ADRE and broker compliance requirements
  • Paperwork and document review processes approved by ADRE via random audit
  • Team members with 10+ years combined experience
  • Team fully trained on and familiar with standard AAR documents
  • Broker background and degree in business process improvement and software consulting

  • Extensive experience with real estate database implementation, setup, and management

What Else You Should Know

Fully Errors and Omissions Insured

Standardized Systems to provide for Organization, Consistency, Efficiency, and Accuracy

Professional and Customer Service Focused

Emphasis on Communication throughout Entire Process

Contract includes Non-compete and Non-disclosure Clauses

CONTACT US TODAY! Alyssa@SouthScottsdaleHomes.com or 602-622-0488