Consulting Services

Customer Relationship Management Database Setup:  Have you found you are just too busy with real estate to take the time needed to set up your client database?  Does it just seem like too daunting of a task?  Does technology overwhelm you?  You and most other Realtors feel the same way.  Yet our client databases are what drive our business.  They allow us to digitally manage our contacts, whether it be determining who you need to follow up with that day, finding a phone, email or address quickly, or managing their listing or closing.  These databases are what keep us efficient in our day to day roles as real estate agents and are imperative to operate efficiently and functionally in order to help you grow your business.

  • Data Imports and Exports:  Are you changing database systems?  Or moving from Excel or Outlook to a more powerful solution?  Or perhaps migrating from an all paper-based system to a digital program?  We can help!
    • Export needed data from current system for successful importation in to new system
    • Reformat and sort files as required by new system
    • Analyze your data and provide recommendations to help more efficiently utilize new system
    • Import data in to new system
  • Client Organization and Classification: Do you need a better way to be able to search for clients to know who is a buyer, who is a seller, who sends you referrals, who gets a birthday card, etc?  Who is a hot lead and who is more lukewarm?  Who is a VIP client?  We can help!
    • Create, organize, and implement client classifications so you can more quickly and effectively understand your client base. 
  • Template Creation: Do you find yourself doing the same things over and over without a set plan to use as a guide?  Do you worry about missing contractual timelines?  Or VIP client birthdays?  We can analyze your unique business needs and create plans that will in effect manage your business for you!
    • Listing Plans       
    • Closing Plans      
    • Follow Up Plans
  • Client “Touch” Programs: Do you need a seamless way to manage important client dates and events?  Do you need to track how many “touches” you are doing monthly or annually?  Do you not know when to pop by, call, or mail because you haven’t been tracking past touches?  We can help set up plans for these important communications with your clients!
    • Client Life Events such as Birthdays, Home Anniversaries, Wedding Anniversaries
    • Pop Bys
    • Calls
    • Personal Notes
    • Mailers
    • Events
    • Marketing and Database “Touch” Plans
    • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Data Entry: Do you need a way of getting your already existing clients in to your database?  Or entering in new contacts and clients received on a daily basis?  We can help!
    • Project based data entry
    • Daily data entry based on business needs

Client Concierge: Do you need help with marketing ideas and implementation?  We can help offer ideas and systems creation for:

  • Pop Bys
  • Client Appreciation Parties and Events
  • Client Closing Gifts
  • Holidays

Business Flow and Process Improvement: Are there systems and processes in your business that have bottlenecks?  Maybe the systems have not been documented thoroughly thus leading to confusion?  Or maybe there is a lack of communication?  Or maybe the systems have just not been analyzed and optimized for efficiency. 

  • Analyze and document process end goal
  • Assess current process and system
  • Learn current system issues
  • Identify possible solutions
  • Document and implement selected solution

All consulting projects are priced on a per project basis. 

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