Are you ready for summer? Those of us who have lived in Arizona for more than a year know what to expect and are ready for it. Arizonans tend to stay indoors, travel, or spend a lot of time in the pool. As another summer approaches, it is important to get our house ready for it as well. Here are the top 10 things to do at home before summer in Arizona…

  1. Paint the fascia boards on the exterior of your home. It prevents them from getting rotten. It is supposed to be done close to the summer because of the dry weather.
  2. Change the pool timer, so the pump comes on more often. When it gets hot, the water needs to be circulated more often.
  3. The landscape watering system timer should be set depending on the weather. As it gets warmer, your plants and grass will need more water.
  4. Fertilize your citrus trees 3 times a year as they are heavy eaters. The best times for your citrus trees are winter, late spring, and then late summer.
  5. Fertilize your grass. Your grass only has to be done once or twice a year depending on the climate and type of grass.
  6. Have your A/C serviced, before summer hits and it has to work really hard to keep your house cool. If you have a ground unit, you can shade the A/C unit from the sun with an umbrella to help keep it cool.
  7. Spray for scorpions and other pests monthly. As it heats up, bugs want to find ways to get inside your house to cool off. So, you might want to increase your pest control to monthly service before summer.
  8. Trim your trees before summer. When monsoon season starts, trees tend to get knocked down. And large trees cause damage to homes, so make sure they are trimmed back away from your home.
  9. Most people use their ceiling fans full-time in the summer. So, clean all the built-up dust.
  10. Clean or install sunshades/sunscreens on your windows so excess heat doesn’t get in. This will help keep your house cool and not have to use so much electricity.

We know that is a long laundry list of items. But, it is really important to maintain your home. Your property value depends on it.

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