Our world and life as we know it has shifted tremendously over the last few months. Everything is different including what we use our homes for. Are you working from home? Do you have kids who now will be attending school from home? Did you move your parents or in-laws in to your home, so you can help take care of them? So many people have had to remodel, re-organize or move because of all of the changes.

How do you decide which one to do? We think the best way to make a decision like that is with the help of professionals and numbers. What we mean is, ask your financial planner, a local realtor, and a licensed contractor for help with the cost of each. Once you have all of the options on the table with hard numbers, then you can make an informed decision with your family.

We have seen quite a few really incredible remodel jobs and homes that have been re-organized to fit home offices and children’s learning spaces. AND we have also had families who have chosen to move into a bigger home rather than live through a remodel. All are good options and the decision should be based on your particular situation.

Here are some links to articles with great tips for home offices and work spaces for kids…

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Success Real Estate Group is here for any questions you may have about your options. If you would like to shop for a new house with more space for your home office, family or work space for kids, you can search all of the homes on the market in Arizona here…HOMES FOR SALE